PS3 Broken? My Story, Your Solution

A few months back I was confronted with issues with my broken PS3 for the first time. It happened as I was sitting down one morning after breakfast and as I continued to power on my PS3 I caught my first glance of the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death. I couldn't believe what I was seeing before my eyes, I had heard about this issue before but I never thought it could happen to me. This frustrated me so much, seeing that this system was my main entertainment hub and this $300 system was now rendered useless. I took a look at all the PS3 games and Blu-Ray movies that I own and was completely devastated as I now had no use for them, due to the status of my broken PS3. - PS3 Broken

Broken PS3Taking Action:
After observing my situation of my broken PS3 I quickly scoured the web in search of a solution to fix my PS3. The first thing that I stumbled upon was the repair service that Sony offered. I discovered that Sony would either replace or fix broken PS3 consoles and have it returned to me in six weeks time. With this offer I was decently satisfied until I discovered what they would charge, that being $150-$200. After discovering the price for their repairs I thought it was ridiculous to pay such a fee for repairs.

Forget Sony:
Bypassing Sony's offer I knew there must be some other way to repair my system, so I began searching for DIY methods. After relentlessly searching for information I finally stumbled upon the PS3 Lights Fix Guide for my broken PS3. Initially I was hesitant about purchasing this guide as I was not sure of my technical skill with this sort of thing, but after reading a few reviews about the product I was informed that technically anyone could repair their broken PS3.

Broken PS3I then reviewed the product description in more detail, shockingly I discovered that this product provides information for virtually every issue to fix broken PS3 consoles and it provides step-by-step video instructions. Along with this they offered a bonus package that included methods to receive free TV channels and install Linux onto my PS3. Along with this they give you a money back guarantee so I thought that I had nothing to lose, so I purchased the guide. - PS3 Broken

PS3 Broken Solution:

Long story short the product delivered on every aspect that was promised, I had my back up and running within about an hour or two. Now that you know my story I have provided a detailed review about this product, click here if you want to view it. If you have any broken PS3 problems I hope this product becomes your solution. - PS3 Broken

Highest Rated Fix YLOD Guide - PS3 Broken Reviews

Broken PS3

Broken PS3 Repair


The people at PS3LightFix have developed a very comprehensive and thorough guide to assist you in repairing your broken PS3 for any type of error that it has obtained. Upon making your purchase you will be granted with your login ID and a downloadable product. This is also a bonus as you do not have to wait for the guide to come in the mail, you have instant access to the material upon purchasing. After that initial process you are granted with all the materials needed for your repair.

This includes step-by-step videos, a detailed e-book, guided images, an instruction manual, and access to the members area. The methods that they provide are unique to them as they are found nowhere else on the web. These methods are very easy to complete and do not require any technical know-how. The guide provides you with various fixes including disk errors, freezing, PS3 Yellow Light Of Death, etc. This information comes from a respectable seller and you are provided with a 100% moneyback guarantee if you're not satisfied. The bonuses alone make up the value of this repair guide in themselves.

This is the best-selling repair to fix broken PS3 systems on the market as it is the most comprehensive and valuable resource available for this purpose. Provided with a price of $37 this alternative comes much cheaper compared to Sony's asking price of $150 for repairs. - PS3 Broken

  • Fixes Any Broken PS3 Problems, e.i. How To Fix YLOD
  • Step-by-step Videos
  • Moneyback Guaranteed
  • Instant Access
  • Provides Permanent Solution To Fix Broken PS3 Systems
  • High-Quality Customer Support
  • Low Price


  • May Take Few Hours For PS3 Repair
  • You Need a Few Tools
  • May Void Your Warranty


  • How To Install Linux On Your PS3 Without Hacking
  • Play Region Free DVDS And Blu-RAYS on Your PS3
  • Get Over 1000 Free TV Channels On Your PS3 For Free
  • How To Get A Stuck Disk Out

Bottom line:

If you have any sort of broken PS3 problems that you wish to fix for the lowest price you cannot go wrong with purchasing this guide. Along with a 100% moneyback guaranteed you have nothing to lose. - PS3 Broken

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Broken PS3
                                                                                                                  - PS3 Broken

Second Highest Rated Fix At PS3 Broken

Broken PS3
Broken PS3 Repair


The YLOD Repair Wizard presents you with similar materials as the top recommended product does, as it is also a great product. With the purchase of this you are supplied with materials such as step-by-step videos, pictures and an e-book. Even though it is claimed that you can fix your system within an hour it may take longer. But, this is much better than waiting six weeks for repairs by Sony.

They provide you with a solution to fix broken PS3 errors such as the yellow light of death, red screens, freezing, error codes, and disk reading errors. The tutorials that are provided are somewhat easy to follow but some of the methods are somewhat inferior to other guides. This is a great alternative to sending your broken PS3 off to Sony or other third parties for repairs as this is something you can complete within a few hours at minimum cost.

Throughout my efforts with this guide I found it was not necessary to be a tech savvy person, as anyone that can work their way around a screwdriver can complete it. The only issue that I had with this product is that it was unclear in some areas of the tutorial, but a quick second look at the material solved this problem. It also comes with a bonus that provides you with information on how to use the material in this product to make money from selling eBay services. - PS3 Broken


  • Broken PS3 Repair For Most Issues
  • Instructional Videos
  • Moneyback guaranteed
  • Instant Access
  • Permanent Fix


  • Inferior Methods Used To Repair Broken PS3 Consoles
  • Not As Comprehensive As Other Guides
  • Takes Longer That an Hour To Complete
  • Need A Few Other Tools
  • Will Void Your Warranty


Bottom line:

To simply put it, this, in my opinion, is the second best guide on the market currently. Next to the PS3LightsFix this guide will provide you with everything you need in repairing your broken PS3 of any issues. - PS3 Broken

Broken PS3
PS3 Broken